At HoneyMoon Brewery, we are striving to help introduce a new category of alcoholic beverage to the world, namely a refreshing alternative to traditional beers and wines. By using Kombucha as a foundation to brew our beer, as well as a hybridized production process unique to our brewery, we have been able to achieve a tasty, gluten-free alcoholic beverage that is wonderfully different from any beverage you've ever enjoyed before. Through a dynamic marriage of very traditional and very non-traditional brewing styles, we are venturing into exciting, rarely explored areas of brewing. We think you'll fall in love with our artisanal alcoholic kombucha and we hope you'll all join us in celebrating the marriage of kombucha and beer at Honeymoon Brewery!

What's On Tap:

  • Blanco - A robust ginger lemon kombucha infused with jasmine petals and brewed with organic teas and sugars.

  • Flor - A floral duo of organic jasmine and hibiscus petals with a dry and crisp body.

  • Cereza Negra - one of our best creations made with organic tart black cherries for a subtle yet complex tart kombucha.

  • Seca - A dry hopped kombucha perfect for the gluten-sensitive-craft-beer-lover who misses those super hoppy IPA sessions.

  • Pearsephone - Elderflowers steeped in a pear medley for a subtly tart and earthy homage to the fruits and flowers of New Mexico.

  • Piedra - A tart, fuzzy, fresh, luscious and velvety ode to summer.  Made with organic stonefruits: apricot, peach, and mango.

  • Moneda - A mouth-puckering dash of salt blended with organic citrus juices for a Gose like hard kombucha.  Salty, dry, fresh and absolutely amazing.

  • Camellia Flor Cocktail - A hard kombucha cocktail made with Flor, Sheehan wine espuma, fresh herbs, and CBD droplets. 

  • Cidrucha - A hard kombucha made with organic, loose-leaf, hand-rolled black and green teas, blended with New Mexico Hard Cider. (Cidrucha is currently sold out but coming back soon!)

This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for new releases in the coming weeks and months. We have lots of recipes and experimental releases, and we always love to hear about any special requests you have!

907 W Alameda Unit B, Santa Fe, NM 87501

(505) 303-3139


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