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HoneyMoon Brewery believes in more than just the bottom line. We believe there is only one way to build a company and that is with a triple bottom line: people, profit, planet.  We want you to feel good about buying our hard kombucha not only because it tastes amazing but also because you can feel good about the company you are supporting. Honeymoon is committed to the community and the planet in these ways:

Upcycled DRINKWARE by broken ARROW GLASS is now available at Honeymoon.  We have partnered with this local glass studio to upcycle all of our customer returned bottles into functional and chic desert drink ware.  Our bottles are originally made from 80% recycled glass and our vision is to save as many bottles as we can from the landfill by upcycling them into these awesome drinking glasses for your home. All bottles go through a sanitization process. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates on when new upcylced glass styles are avaialble.  The vision behind this collaboration is that not only will your purchase help the environment but it will support two local businesses at once: Honeymoon and Broken Arrow. 

spent tea leaves program is our way of giving back to our customers and local farmers.  We have finally reached a point in our operations where 100% of our spent tea leaves and organic by-products are being picked up and utilized by local growers.  From customer's small home gardens to large scale commercial grows right here in Santa Fe.  If you are interested in learning more about how to get some of our organic spent tea leaves for your gardens, please email us at and request that we add you to the Spent Tea Leaved Pickup Program.  We offer this one to three times a month.

PHYN SMART WATER is our smart water AI technology installed in our plumbing.  Phyn Plus is the only connected water monitor to offer an ultrasonic flow sensor, exclusively built by Badger Meter. The science behind Phyn was developed in the labs of the University of Washington and at Belkin. Phyn Plus measures tiny changes in pressure 240 times every second to understand the unique voice of each water fixture in our brewing process. It uses patented, high-definition pressure wave analysis to alert you the second a leak is detected, mitigate costly damage through automatic water shutoff and teach you about your water use.  As part of a water saving program at the Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce, we were able to install this technology and improve our ability to reach our goals of sustainability.

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