Alto: Our tall (Alto) 12 oz upcycled desert chic drink ware . 


Made from 100% repurposed 17oz Honeymoon Brewery bottles. Perfect for that desert chic look you want at your dinner party or as a favorite hard booch sipper. These upcycled glasses are nuanced as each is hand cut and made from thick recycled glass which gives them a wonderful hand. With polished edges and slight differences from glass to glass, they will add simplicity and shadows to your dining room table that emanates desert chic like nothing else.


We have partnered with local glass studio, Broken Arrow Glass, to upcycle all of our customer returned bottles into functional and chic desert drink ware and candle votives.  These customer returned bottles are originally made from 80% recycled glass and our vision is to save as many bottles as we can from the landfill by upcycling them, for a second time, into these awesome drinking glasses for your home.  All bottles go through a 3-step sanitization process before being processed at the glass studios and then are sanitized once again before being sold to customers.  The vision behind this collaboration is that not only will your purchase help the environment but it will support two local businesses at once: Honeymoon and Broken Arrow.  For the foreseeable future Honeymoon and Broken Arrow will dontate 100% of the proceeds to social justice and Black Lives Matter Causes. 


Photo Credit:

Sara Culler Photography

Instagram: @saraculler



Alto Glass

$18.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • Best used when filled with cold, local, hand crafted hard kombucha. 

    Artwork best appreciated in fading sunset light.

    Dishwasher safe but best washed by hand.